Praise for “incredible courage” of John Armstrong and family in Chennai Six aquittal breakthrough today

Rory Stewart MP has just now welcomed breaking news that the Chennai 6 men have been aquitted on all charges following a court hearing in India today. The news means that the men ought to be released as early as this evening local time. Rory Stewart has been an active campaigner for the release of his constituent John Armstrong and the other men since the beginning of the issue, has visited John in India, and has lobbied both the British and Indian Governments on John’s predicament for years. He said today: “Firstly I want to praise the incredible courage and fortitude of John Armstrong throughout his ordeal and the bravery and dedication of his family whose commitment to John’s release has been nothing short of inspirational. Having met with John during his time in India I could not be more delighted that this has happened and hope that we will be seeing John back in Cumbria very soon. Obviously uppermost in our minds remains the men’s welfare and the need to be absolutely ready and prepared to get John on a plane with all the necessary paperwork done. Once again I can’t overstate how pleased I am and proud of John’s family and particularly his sister Joanne for all their hard work. Hopefully John will be home in time for Christmas.”

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