Rory Stewart MP has pledged his support for residents of Edenside care home in Appleby, who were evacuated to the former Greengarth care home in Penrith, when Appleby was hit by the devastating Storm Desmond in December. Repair work to the care home has not yet started and there are fears in the community that this might take some time, or that the home may be closed permanently.

Mr Stewart has immediately initiated talks with Cumbria County Council this week to establish when work to repair the property will be undertaken and to gain assurances that the facility will be up and running in a reasonable timescale. Mr Stewart has also requested a visit to Greengarth on Friday 22nd April to meet with staff and residents and hear their concerns first-hand.

Rory Stewart said: “With an ageing population and increasing pressures on local resources, we must ensure that these well established homes and their knowledgeable staff can continue to care for residents in their own communities, close to family and friends. And I am committed to doing everything I can to help get the residents of Edenside back home.”

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