Local MP Rory Stewart is to hold a constituency ‘dairy surgery’ – the first of its kind – to address current concerns about the dairy industry, and to continue responding to constituency farmers who are affected by what is being described by many as a dairy crisis. The event, to which any constituent dairy farmer is invited to come along to, will be held in the farm classroom of Newton Rigg’s Serborwens dairy unit outside of Penrith, at 1200h on Saturday 31st January 2015.

Rory said: “In response to what I see as both a national and a local crisis, I have decided to hold a ‘dairy surgery’ in the constituency, which is my way of being able to chat to as many dairy farmers from the constituency as possible and to hear first-hand of their experiences of the current situation, which is clearly untenable. Something needs to be done and the best way of pushing government to help is to gather first-hand accounts of farmers’ experiences and to illustrate in the most detailed way possible, how this situation is affecting us. We cannot afford to continue in a situation where a litre of milk can be worth less than a bottle of water. Penrith and The Border has one of the largest milk fields in England and my first duty is in supporting our dairy farmers as much as I possibly can.”

For more information about Rory’s forthcoming dairy farmers’ surgery, please visit

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