Rory Stewart MP is strongly encouraging students from Penrith and The Border to put themselves forward as participants for the 2017 Lessons from Auschwitz Project. The scheme, run by the Holocaust Educational Trust, is a great opportunity for local teenagers to learn about the Holocaust with a chance to visit Auschwitz for themselves.

The Lessons from Auschwitz project offers a four-part course about the history of the Holocaust and explains why the Holocaust must hold an enduring place in our collective memory. Students aged 16-18 from the Penrith and Border constituency have an opportunity to take part in educational workshops, including a one-day visit to Poland with a guided tour through the Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and Museum. This will ultimately leave the students with a comprehensive understanding of the holocaust, and its relevance in today’s world.

Rory said: “The project is a great initiative aiming to educate our youth about one of the most horrific, yet significant, events in recent history. It gives an invaluable insight into the Holocaust by providing students with a variety of talks and workshops, and an incredible opportunity to visit Auschwitz for themselves. In a rural community like ours, schemes like this allow local students to engage in history in a way not always made available to them.”

As part of Rory’s support for the project, he will be writing to all local schools in the constituency urging them to get involved.  The Lessons from Auschwitz project is open to two post-16 students, studying any subjects, from all schools in the local area, and will start on the 2nd of October in Newcastle with the visit to Auschwitz on the 10th of October.

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