Rory Stewart MP was given a tour of North Lakes Foods dairy processing facilities on Friday, where he learnt how Cumbrian branded milk is produced. The dairy which operates from Gillwilly Industrial Estate in Penrith, employs 27 members of staff and produces 105,​000 liters of milk per week. They also produce cream and orange juice.

The milk is purchased directly from four contracted supplier farmers and transferred to the dairy in tankers, before being pasteurised, packaged and distributed. North Lakes Foods are contracted to supply milk to local schools, care homes and council depots, and also supply corner shops, restaurants, hotels, bakeries, holiday accommodation and motorway services. In addition, North Lakes Foods continue to support local milk rounds with environmentally friendly glass pint bottles, for doorstep delivery.

Rory Stewart said “It is fantastic that a relatively small family business like North Lakes Foods is able to thrive in this area; supplying high quality produce to local people and contributing to the local economy by buying directly from local farmers and supporting the traditional milk round. I would love to see North Lakes Dairy as a model for producing, branding and distributing local milk – this is one area we can support our local dairy farmers and I would encourage everyone to buy North Lakesmilk whenever they see it on the shelves.”

Wayne Jackson, Managing Director of North Lakes Foods said “We were thrilled to welcome Rory to North Lakes Foods on Friday. I hope he found the tour of our dairy interesting and informative. North Lakes Foods is a niche business founded on a firm base of quality product and service. We are supplied by Cumbrian farmers producing high quality milk. We also understand the need to work alongside our producers going forward and ensure they receive a fair price. We aim to enhance our Local,Cumbrian branded milk in the County, and continue using quality local farmers to supply in the future.”

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