lazonby_firestation2Rory Stewart MP has congratulated Lazonby’s firefighters​, its community​, and dedicated local councillors Gordon Nicolson and Hilary Carrick​ for ​their​ successful campaign to retain the station, which has resulted today in the announcement that the County Council has stepped down on its plans to close five of Cumbria’s fire stations.​ Rory has been a supporter of the campaign since its inauguration, and has participated in discussions and on the recent march, calling directly on the Council for the retention of the important local service.​

​Speaking today Rory said:​ “This is fantastic news. It shows, once again, that frontline services do not need to be cut in order for our local authorities to make savings. And I would like to reiterate my strong respect and thanks for the role that Lazonby’s retained firefighters ​have ​played ​in this campaign and during each and every emergency situation they have been called out to, most especially recently ​during the ​devastating ​floods​. I am absolutely thrilled that this campaign has won the results we wanted, and this is great news for communities and services all across Cumbria.”​

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