Rory Stewart MP at St Cuthberts school

Rory Stewart MP at St Cuthberts school

Local MP Rory Stewart on Friday joined Wigton Mayor Joe Cowell and County Councillor and former education portfolio-holder Duncan Fairbairn on a visit to St Cuthbert’s Catholic Primary School in Wigton, where he joined afternoon hymn practice and then led a political question-and-answer session with curious students.

Rory was especially pleased to visit a local primary with such a long and rich history, having been founded in 1857 by the Sisters of Mercy who had settled in Wigton from London. Then, as now, children of all religions – and none – are welcomed to the school, according to head-teacher Paula Holden, who welcomed Rory and his colleagues on the visit. She said: “From an early age our children enjoy school and feel happy. They learn to share and make friends and become aware of the feelings of others. They learn right from wrong and learn how to play together and socialise quickly, establishing a politeness and courtesy that leads to purposeful relationships with adults and other children. We are so pleased that Rory came to visit today.”

The MP fielded a range of questions from the children of all ages, who asked if he visited London often, where the Houses of Parliament were, and whether he got homesick for Cumbria.

Rory said: “I absolutely loved visiting St Cuthberts. The school has such a warm, happy atmosphere and I thought that its pupils asked some wonderfully perceptive questions. Our schools are such a pillar of our communities, and St Cuthberts seems to embody all the values that we wish from our local education system: fairness, inclusiveness, and a can-do attitude that I really admire. I would like to thank the staff and pupils of St Cuthberts for welcoming me so warmly.”

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