Rory Stewart MP, as part of his ongoing campaign to ensure that north Cumbria remains free of inappropriate wind-turbines, is pressing Cumbrian District Councils to adopt the essential features of the Wind Turbines (Minimum Distance from Residential Premises) Bill which was formerly being carried through the House of Lords by sponsor Lord Reay until his unexpected death in 2013. This Bill sought to establish separation distances which increase as the height of turbines increases.

The MP is contacting planning departments within his constituency – Eden, Allerdale and Carlisle – in addition to contacting Ministers within DCLG to advise of his intention to continue Lord Reay’s
campaign. He will officially launch the campaign at a meeting next Friday 26th September, at 6pm, at Low Hesket Village Hall, with the NO2AWT group of anti-turbine campaigners from Aiketgate – one of just several community groups currently fighting turbine applications in Penrith and The Border.

Rory Stewart MP said: “I am encouraged that some local councils have already adopted a minimum separation distance for large wind turbines. However we need to ensure that this is incorporated into all Local Plans throughout Cumbria [comma] and we hope ultimately this moderate reform would be enshrined in planning guidance throughout England.

Economically, environmentally and visually,most wind developments are wrong for Cumbria, and are against the wishes of our communities. They wreck friendships and force neighbours to disagree. Hence they are divisive and entirely against the spirit of localism. For that reason I am very, very supportive of any community wishing to oppose them.”

“My parliamentary colleague Lord Reay introduced his innovative and enormously important bill in the House of Lords in May 2012, a bill which had involved much consultation with the government, and a great deal of detailed research. I consider his concept of calibrated minimum-distances to be both practical and fair. Most unfortunately he died before the bill could progress to the final committee stage. I would like to revive his campaign [comma] and will do all I can to progress it both locally and within the House of Commons.”

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