In a meeting at the Jobcentre in Penrith, Rory Stewart MP commended the work of the organisation in helping achieve record employment figures for the Eden Valley. With an astounding 87.8% of 16-64 year-olds employed, the Eden Valley strengthens its position as a thriving hub of productivity in a rural economy.

The figures come as a result of the local MP’s enlightening meeting with Employer and Partnership Manager at the Jobcentre, Shane Byrne. Covering areas from long term unemployment to the low number of constituents receiving job seeker’s allowance, Rory was reassured of the positive trends we are continuing to see in the Eden Valley.

The employment figures, which are the highest since 1942, reflect a wider trend of rising employment under the Conservative Government. Nationally, there are more people in work than ever before with the level of young people out of work dropping below 5 per cent for the first time ever, while the level of women in work is at a record high. Additionally, the unemployment rate is 4.3% which is the lowest it has been since 1975. Though Rory and the Government acknowledge further progress can still be made, the latest figures come as resoundingly welcome news and serve to show the success of government initiatives both locally and nationally.

Speaking on the news Rory said: “The latest figures really demonstrate the strength of our local economy and stand as an example for other rural constituencies to follow. It is a testament to both our small businesses and the larger corporations moving into the area, that we can so proudly claim this record employment. We must also celebrate the work of the Jobcentre in connecting employers to employees helping match supply with demand so effectively. Looking to the future, we hope to continue this trend improving specific areas of employment such as apprenticeships and our disability employment rate”.


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