As the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta approaches, Rory Stewart is supporting the government’s initiative to set up a consultation into our democratic system and how we can develop it, and has written to all secondary schools in Penrith and The Border to encourage them to get involved in debating the future of British democracy. The consultation is considering different options which include the potential for a written constitution, which Rory has long been a supporter of and is encouraging schools, businesses, individuals and organisations to consider a number of questions relating to our ruling institutions.

Rory Stewart said: “I feel the basic problem in politics today, is the distance between citizens and politics. We need real constitutional upheaval to give power back to people. We need to involve people much more closely in politics. We need to educate a new generation about politics. This is an opportunity to do all of this. It goes to the very root of our democracy and the history of our liberties. It also touches on how we can involve more people, of all ages, in the democratic process, and how to get people talking about the institutions that govern us and the extent of their powers.The Political and Constitutional Reform Select Committee are getting the debate going with a number of questions, the key one of which is: does the UK require a written constitution, and what ought it to contain? I would be delighted to hear from constituents on this matter, and to hear their views, which I shall gladly submit to the Select Committee ahead of the consultation’s end in January 2015.”

The consultation and a series of events will continue until 1st January 2015, and comments can be sent to Rory, or placed on his policy suggestion page, or directly to [email protected] or by post to the Political and Constitutional Reform Select Committee, House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA.

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