“I have been a strong advocate of the need for the Keogh review, and support the very detailed investigations that have taken place under the leadership of Sir Bruce Keogh. My absolute bottom line remains the provision of the best possible hospital care for my constituents and for all those who use the Cumberland Infirmary, and if the Keogh report brings about the necessary changes, then I am delighted that clear areas requiring improvement have been identified. The key thing now is to ensure that these issues are rectified without any delay, since the rebuilding of faith in the Infirmary depends on the Trust taking swift and appropriate steps to address issues such as the shortfall of staff during out-of-hours time; the need for a comprehensive upgrade so that all equipment and estates are in absolute prime order; and of course that the stability of the Trust
and Infirmary – for the benefit of its management, staff and all who use it –  remains our absolute goal. I would like to reassure constituents that I personally support the implementation of all of Sir Bruce’s recommendations, and to continue to hold to account those on whom our health and wellbeing depend, to make the Infirmary a hospital that Cumbria can once again be proud of.“

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