Rory has been shortlisted for the Digital Leaders 50 award for his work in Cumbria on broadband and mobile coverage. Launched by the Digital Leaders Programme in association with Digital by Default News, the award seeks to recognise leaders and organisations who have demonstrated “a pioneering and sustainable approach to digital transformation”, and who have shown “leadership and innovation in harnessing digital technology and the internet as providers of information, key services and social interaction”. Rory said:

“I feel enormously honored to be nominated for this award. But I feel it is Cumbrian communities themselves who should be nominated – since it is Cumbrian community projects which have been in the national lead. Few things are more important for the future of Cumbria than good broadband and mobile infrastructure. It remains the single most important investment we can make to our economy and to businesses, and to the lives and well-being of residents and families in our remote rural areas.”

“We have come a long way in just a few short years, and so much of this is down to the extraordinary hard work, tenacity and imagination of Cumbrian communities, coming up with their own innovative solutions. I still receive emails every week however from constituents desperate for better broadband. The only way we will get as close to 100 per cent coverage as possible, is for communities, business and government to work together on affordable solutions. If anyone in rural community remains concerned about their broadband speeds, please do get in touch.”

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