Rory has congratulated the success of Brampton’s sustainable market, visiting the bustling town event during his latest street surgery, held on Saturday outside Moot Hall.
Rory met with the majority of stallholders to get an sense of the market’s success, to sample and purchase their produce, and speak with the market co-ordinator Heather Tipler to discuss what can be done to help support and promote the market.
Rory said: “On a sunny day like today, there really is no better place to shop than in an outdoor market, like Brampton’s. The chance to buy quality local produce, support local businesses and enjoy an incredible atmosphere, is what makes our Cumbrian town markets such a fantastic experience. At a time when supermarkets continue to overwhelm small, independent retailers, and many local agricultural businesses are really struggling, there are few better ways to show your support for local business than by visiting an outdoor market.”


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