Rory Stewart MP at Penrith JobCentre

Rory has praised the staff of Penrith Jobcentre during a visit to discuss the rollout of Universal Credit.

Rory was welcomed to the Jobcentre by Shane Byrne and Amanda Bucannan who briefed him on the rollout of the new system of benefit distribution, its workings and its likely effects upon claimants. Rory was also shown a video on how Universal Credit can help people back into work, which is one of its primary purposes. Before leaving, Rory took the opportunity to thank Shane and Amanda for all that they do to help people from Penrith and surrounding areas to find work.

After his visit, Rory commented, “It was great to be able to visit the Jobcentre, to hear about their excellent preparation for the rollout of Universal Credit and to thank the staff for all of their hard work. Last month’s employment figures were hugely encouraging and I would like to pay a huge tribute to the staff who do so much to support people into work by effectively connecting employers to employees”.

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