Rory has praised Eden Valley Hospice following a recent visit to see its new outdoor area and hear an update on its future plans.

Professor Patricia Livsey, the Chief Executive of Eden Valley Hospice and Jigsaw, welcomed Mr Stewart to the Hospice and gave him a briefing on its recent work, before conducting him around the premises. They admired the new outdoor area, before touring the communal areas, stopping to speak to and thank members of staff. Rory and Professor Livsey spent much of their time in the Jigsaw Hospice, which cares for children, and has seen major improvements since Rory’s last visit. A multi-sensory room has been installed and the interiors have been redone, the latter in large part as a result of donations from individuals and businesses. Rory and Professor Livsey discussed the Hospice’s funding situation and the place of such institutions within the care system as a whole. As he left, Mr Stewart took time to thank the volunteers who staff the welcome desk.

Eden Valley Hospice opened in 1991, with its children’s extension built in 1998. Since his election in 2010, Rory has been a committed supporter of its work, and that of other such institutions across Cumbria. He has held several fundraising events for it over the years and, in 2014, led a successful campaign that saw the Chancellor of the Exchequer agree to provide financial support for Hospices by refunding their VAT. He keeps well abreast of developments in the sector and is pledged to support these vital public services.

Commenting on his visit, Rory said “It was a very great pleasure to visit the Eden Valley Hospice and to be reminded once again of the amazing work that they do. It was a very moving experience to see and hear about the care that is done with so much love, thought and compassion. We owe the staff of Eden Valley Hospice and, indeed, of all our hospices a profound debt of thanks and they deserve our gratitude and admiration”.

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