rory opens hunter hall primary school’s new library

Hunter Hall Primary School this week officially opened their new library, and Rory had the honour of being invited to cut the ribbon.

Hunter Hall is one of the very few remaining independent primary schools in Cumbria. On the day, the headmaster Dr Tony Winzor explained that the vision of a school library was over 10 years in the making and the project had required £25,000 to make it a reality. Countless fundraisers from the pupils and their parents however have actually seen the school beat this target and successfully raise over £26,000.

Speaking in front of the school’s 130 pupils at the opening ceremony, Rory Stewart said: “The great thing about this library is not just that it presents you all with a fantastic opportunity to read such a brilliant collection of books, but that it also represents what is possible when we all work together for a common good. This library is the result of all your hard work and fundraising, and you should be proud to think that new pupils will continue to benefit from it long after you have grown up.”

Many of the schools governors and parents were also present for the ceremony, and particular thanks were given to Sarah Eubank for her involvement. Speaking afterwards, Rory said: “This is another fantastic example of community action. The school realised the need and value of a library, and through their own collective efforts were able to make it a reality. It is yet another example of why we must continue to devolve power down to the most local levels, where the results are most visible and most valued.”



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