InnoviaRory made his fifth visit to Innovia Films manufacturing site in Wigton. Innovia has long been one of the largest employers in Penrith and the Border, a key part of the Wigton economy and a national leader in research and development. Rory has in the past successfully campaigned for Innovia to produce the new five pound note for the Bank of England and supported them in their international export sales.

On this occasion Mr Stewart met with Wayne Middleton, Managing Director, UK and Andrew Bayliff, Research & Development Director in August to discuss the environmental challenges of plastics – and how to balance the amazing potential and uses of plastic with their environmental impact.  They discussed how to improve national rectifying, how to reduce waste, and how plastic wrapping used properly can help the environment by preventing food waste and the carbon it produces.

This discussion was rooted in the context of current environmental campaigns and new policy proposals from the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.

Mr Stewart undertook to work to organise a specialists’ meeting in London with officials from the government to make sure that Innovia’s ideas, interests and concerns were fully represented.

After the meeting Rory said: “It is important the voice of the industry is heard and understood, not only by the Government but by the general public. We all need to be acutely aware of our actions and the effects they have on the environment. I support the industries developments in environmentally sound plastic manufacturing and I will do what I can to ensure they are supported. It is vital for the company, for Wigton and all of us.”

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