Rory Stewart MP With Staff and ResidentsRory visited Cold Springs Care Home in Penrith on 20 April in advance of National Care Home Day to speak with staff and residents, and gain a greater understanding of the provision of care. 

National Care Home Day was introduced in 2012 to strengthen links between care homes and their local communities, encouraging people, clubs, groups and associations to visit homes and understand the work that they do. To that end, Mr Stewart met staff and residents at Cold Springs Care Home, which specialises in residential and residential dementia care, while touring its facilities and watching its carers at work. With the number of people suffering from dementia expected to double in Penrith and The Border over the next twenty years, Rory was eager to learn as much as possible about the home, its residents, its carers and its work with those suffering from this disease. 

While at the home, Rory received a presentation from staff members on the various ways in which residents are kept engaged and entertained. These include visits from farmers, who often come with their livestock, the staging of musical performances and through trips outside the home, to meet with local groups such as the Lions and the Salvation Army. 

Commenting on his visit, Rory said “I am greatly impressed by what I have seen today. Cold Springs Care Home is a model for how Penrith can come to terms with increasing numbers of those suffering from dementia. The incredible dedication of the staff, who are real professionals, is fantastic to see and I am very much impressed by the innovative activities, visits and trips that they have devised and organised. These carers ensure that their residents can live out fulfilling lives in the increasingly challenging environment of an ageing population. It is a real privilege to visit”.


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