Local MP Rory Stewart met with Ainstable community representatives on Friday to see for himself the significant detrimental impact that a proposed wind turbine, application 14/0281, would have on the local landscape. The Ainstable Wind Turbine Action Campaign has the support of over 100 members, and the Penrith and the Border MP promised to offer any further support he could to fight the application.

Rory has campaigned strongly against wind-turbine proposals in Penrith and the Border, and has led and supported numerous anti-turbine campaigns across the constituency, including Carwath in Rosely, the Lune Gorge, Beckburn Farm at Longtown, and Reagill and Sleagill. The proposal in Ainstable would see a 250ft turbine tower over the village, visible for miles in every direction. The local community fears that were it approved, not only would the visual intrusion, flicker effect and noise have a highly detrimental impact on the village, but it could lead to the construction of many more turbines in the area.

Speaking from outside St Michael’s church in Ainstable, Rory Stewart said:

“The construction of such a huge turbine would blight what is currently a beautiful view of the Eden Valley. In a region where tourism is our main income earner – bringing in over a billion pounds a year  – we are directly dependent on our natural landscape as one of the last ‘unspoilt’ regions in Britain, and building wind turbines risks a deep and long-term negative impact on the economy of Cumbria.

Over 100 residents have already come together to express their serious concerns with this application – a very powerful message, given the size of the village.  This is their landscape, their community, and they should be able to determine the future and nature of their locality.”

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