Rory Hails Town Team Successes for Eden’s Towns

Rory has praised the success of the three Eden towns that he endorsed to become Town Team Partners, all of which have been successful in their applications.

The three successful projects – Alston Moor Partnership, Heart of Eden Development Trust and the Penrith Partnership – have all been informed of their success, as has Eden District Council, which also supported the applicants. Each of the areas will now be able to access a support package designed by the Association of Town Centre Management. The support package aims to promote shared learning and best practice amongst the 360 Market Towns which applied for funding under the recent Mary Portas Town Team Initiative. The package includes help from retail experts and other Town Teams from across the country. In addition, each Town Team Partner will be receiving £10,000 to help towards putting some of their plans into action.

Rory said: “It’s fantastic that all three of Eden’s applications have been successful. Penrith had already put in an extremely convincing application to become a Mary Portas Pilot, and it was disappointing that they were not chosen; however, it is right that all market towns with the energy and commitment to improve their environment benefit from this initiative, and so the shared learning that will come from being a Town Team Partner will, I am sure, be invaluable. I offer my congratulations to Penrith, Alston Moor and Heart of Eden on their success, and for continuing to dedicate themselves to the improvement of our market towns.”

Malcolm Smith, Planning and Economy Portfolio Holder, said: “I’m delighted that a number of our communities will be benefiting from the advice and finance to take a number of their projects forward. The project is especially welcome because it helps our planning and economic policies to support key service centres as vibrant places for the benefit of residents and businesses alike.”

Pat Godwin, Eden District Councillor and member of the Alston Moor Partnership said, “The timing of this could not be bettered as we have just appointed a project officer to deliver items identified in our Community Plan and other projects to improve prosperity in Alston Moor. This money will enable that officer to have a central base/shopfront from which to function and be an information hub. It will also fund us to advance work on Walkers/Cyclist are Welcome, set up QR points and seasonal markets.”


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