Parliamentary candidate for Penrith and The Border, Rory Stewart, yesterday delivered a talk to the Bewcastle Heritage Society on the history of the Borderlands. The talk drew over 80 people from both sides of the border, and built on the two-part BBC documentary he hosted last year called, Border Country – The Story Of Britain’s Lost Middleland. In the Summer of 2012, Rory Stewart walked from his home in the Lowther Valley across much of Cumbria, before heading up to his family home in Scotland. The photos and experiences from this walk formed the backdrop for much of his talk to the Bewcastle Heritage Society, looking at Hadrian’s Wall, the Bewcastle Cross, and the history of the Border reivers, and local farming families.

Rory Stewart said:

“As a Scot, living in England, I have always felt my identity spans across both sides of the border, and I consequently have a keen interest in the history of this region. I would argue that the construction of Hadrian’s Wall almost two thousand years ago, was possibly the single most important event in Britain’s history, and the cultural and political ramifications of the wall are still being felt today. It was great to engage in some really interesting debate with the Bewcastle Heritage Society, with people who interact with the border on a daily basis, and who perhaps have a greater appreciation than most of the impact it continues to play in our lives.”

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