Rory met with young farmers from across his constituency at Penrith Show, in a workshop designed to establish the challenges currently faced by young Cumbrian farmers, and potential initiatives that could be set up to offer them additional support and guidance. Ideas included making more of the fantastic courses and support available through Newton Rigg, as well as encouraging older generations of farmers to engage more actively in sharing knowledge and ideas. In a lively conversation with the dozen young farmers, who form the core of his young farmer advisory group, they discussed foreign exchanges as a way of learning about best farming practice, the importance of new technology, the challenge of acquiring a farm, and of inheriting from a previous generation.

Speaking at Penrith Show, Rory said: “I have bene so impressed by the new generation of Cumbrian farmers. They are bright, determined, business savvy, and they love their work. It is a tough business, but htey have thrown themselves into it heart and soul, and seem to be getting a great deal of satisfaction from their work. The future of Cumbrian farming lies with the young farmers I have met today. These are the individuals who will continue to shape our landscape and act as the standard bearers of our culture and our traditional way of life here in Cumbria.”

“It is absolutely essential that we can offer young farmers the support they are looking for. I witnessed a fantastic level of energy, ideas and farming expertise in this workshop, and we must continue to nurture and protect this at all costs.”

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