rory convenes housing event for constituency parish

Rory has this week extended an invitation to all parish councils within his constituency to attend an event to be held in Crosby Ravensworth next month showcasing the community’s successful affordable housing scheme, offering other Cumbrian parish councils and community groups the chance to learn about the process through which Crosby Ravensworth’s residents developed an affordable housing solution that was in keeping with the village’s aims.

It is hoped that the event will encourage other local communities to consider their own affordable housing projects, replicating the Crosby Ravensworth model. Drawing on the extensive knowledge and experience of individuals like David Graham, Chair of the Lyvennet Community Trust, and Andy Lloyd , the CLT officer for Cumbria Rural Housing Trust, local community representatives will have access to the expert advice and guidance needed to make any new project as manageable and attainable as possible.

Rory said: “With so many individuals and families unable to afford the cost of housing in the area in which they live, work and have grown up, providing sufficient affordable housing that is proportionate with the size and nature of our communities, is perhaps one of the biggest challenges we face. What is so brilliant about the Crosby Ravensworth model is that it shows how our rural communities can address and resolve the problem themselves.

Embarking on an affordable housing project is an understandably daunting experience. An event like this offers the perfect opportunity to learn from individuals who are already familiar with the process; who know the pitfalls to avoid and the shortcuts to take to create a successful, community-led and community inspired affordable housing scheme.”

If you are keen to get involved in local, affordable housing projects within your community or you would like to attend the Crosby Ravensworth event on February 8th, please get in touch with Rory, either by emailing him at [email protected], or by contacting his constituency office on 01768 484 114.

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