Rory has met with Brunstock residents to discuss the community’s road traffic problems.

The town is located near to a five junction stretch of road from the Linstock roundabout to Greymoor Hill. Increases in the number of vehicles, compounded by the use of large agricultural vehicles, have led to rising congestion and a serious increase in the number of near misses and ‘shunts’ at the junction. Rory has been concerned by this situation for some time and last month wrote to Highways England, requesting that they investigate options to resolve the situation.

Rory met with community representatives on Friday to listen to their experiences and their suggestions about what could be done. These included the introduction of filter lanes, putting up more road signs, making the junction more visible and making changes to the roads. Rory listened with a great deal of interest and plans to organise a meeting between Highways England and community representatives in order to take these suggestions forward.

Commenting on his visit, Rory said “The problems at the Brunstock junction have caused a great deal of concern and distress. I was pleased to have the opportunity to visit and hear the concerns of residents, and we have had a very productive discussion. I look forward to working with them and Highways England to resolve this situation”.

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