Rory Celebrates Wigton’s 750th Market Charter


Rory had the pleasure of joining the Wigton community on Saturday to celebrate the 750th anniversary of Wigton’s Market Charter, in the culmination of a fortnight of events commemorating King Henry III’s decree in 1262 permitting Wigton to hold a weekly market.

Rory attended a civic service at St. Mary’s Church in Wigton on Saturday morning, before following the procession to watch a fantastic re-enactment of the handing over of the charter and the unveiling of a new commemorative market cross. The event saw a large turnout from local “Wigtonians” keen to celebrate in Wigton’s rich and colourful history.

Speaking at the event, Rory said: “It really is great to see Wigton celebrate its past in such an imaginative and personal way. The town has an incredible history for its size, and seeing the local community come out to celebrate it in such numbers is fantastic. I really did enjoy the occasion and think that those who put a lot of time into organising it have done a brilliant job.”

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