Rory, has called on local food and grocery businesses to sign up to an industry campaign to support young unemployed people in his constituency.

The initiative, entitled Feeding Britain’s Future, will see thousands of unemployed young people from across the country go into farms, factories and stores for free skills training, and Rory wants businesses across Cumbria to get involved so that hundreds of youngsters in the area can reap the benefits.

Following the success of Feeding Britain’s Future “Skills for Work Week” in 2012, the Institute of Grocer Distribution has launched the 2013 campaign in an effort to tackle local youth unemployment. During September businesses across the industry’s supply chain will open their doors to provide free skills training such as CV workshops and interview role-plays for thousands of people in Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Some of the UK’s largest firms are already signed up to take part. Last year 70 businesses participated, in 700 locations covering every region in the UK. In 2012 the campaign provided 10,000 skills training opportunities with 98% of participants saying they felt more confident applying for a job. Working in partnership with Jobcentre Plus the national campaign unites the entire food and grocery industry in an effort to tackle youth unemployment.

Rory said: “This is a fantastic initiative for the young unemployed of Penrith and the Border, and I do sympathise very much with the great obstacles that stand in the way of our young people finding jobs in today’s financial climate. We boast so many successful local food and grocery companies, and this is the perfect chance for them to offer important skills training to young people. But for the local young unemployed to get maximum value from this scheme we need as many food and grocery businesses in the area to sign up, so I encourage all businesses in Penrith and the Border that fit the bill to sign up to this, which is a great idea.”

If young unemployed people are interested in Feeding Britain’s Future, they should ask at their local Jobcentre Plus.

Businesses interested in taking part can find out more at

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