Rory is calling on constituents and Cumbrians to vote for local charity the Watchtree Wheelers, who have made it to the final six of this year’s ITV Peoples Millions Regional Funding competition.

The Watchtree Wheelers – who provide cycling opportuinities for all whilst specialising in providing facilities, equipment and training for disabled and disadvantaged people – was established in 2009, and has been an extremely successful anmd popular local charity. In 2012 they won the Wheels for All Centre of the Year title, and are now a flagship Wheels4All centre in the UK. Project officer and Wigton resident Ryan Dobson has won a CN Group Golden Apple Award for his work running the charity: thanks to his efforts he has already secured £80,000 in funding to improve the Watchtree cycle trails, and has applied for a further £50,000 to resurface and landscape a training area; if the Watchtree Wheelers win, this project will receive these much-needed funds.

Rory met with Ryan Dobson and users of the service Olivia Story and Anthony McKenzie, and tested one of the charity’s specially-adapted bicycles along Wigton’s cycle path. He said:

“The Watchtree Wheelers are doing a brilliant job in making cycling accessible to all. I can see the joy it helps bring to those who are able to use these excellent bicycles, and who gain so much from being able to cycle in the nature in and around Wigton. If you can, please do vote for Ryan and the Watchtree Wheelers on November 26th. It would make such an enormous difference to them to be able to carry out this important resurfacing work, and to continue to benefit so many through their excellent work. Please do spread the word and make sure you vote for the Watchtree Wheelers later this month!”

Ryan Dobson said: “It’s fantastic to have Rory’s support. Voting for our project takes place on Tuesday the 26th of November between 9am and midnight. We will be producing a 2-minute project video which will be aired on ITV Border news shortly after6pm. We know from previous competitions that around 65% of votes are cast before the video is even aired, therefore our success relies on the support and networking ability of our supporters – that’s you! On average successful projects receive around 12,000 votes (voting is by telephone call only, 10p per vote, max 10 votes per phone number). We now need your support to get the message out there and make sure that we do not miss this fantastic opportunity!”

For more information please contact Project Officer Ryan Dobson on 07758973529

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