This was a balanced Statement that offered sensible solutions to the problems faced by businesses and households in my constituency and across the country. The Chancellor’s pledges on broadband are of particular importance to Cumbria. Investing £25 million in the first 5G test beds, allocated from the Local Full Fibre Challenge Fund, is a great step towards boosting connectivity across Penrith and The Border.

Cumbrians will welcome the Spring Statement, which has underlined the success of the government’s economic stewardship. Debt is down, while growth is up; inflation is forecast to fall, and employment is up. A strong economy enables the changes announced, particularly the increase in the National Living Wage, which is great news for people across Penrith and The Border.

As Britain faces challenges and changes resulting from Brexit, the Chancellor is following a steady fiscal path and there is a great deal to be positive about. Our economy is growing – it is almost 17% bigger than it was in 2010 – and the deficit is declining. Debt is falling, growth is exceeding estimates, and I would like to congratulate the Chancellor for continuing to strive to build a Britain fit for the future.​

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