Prior to yesterday’s announcements all Cumbrian MPs were briefed by the Success Regime about the future of Cumbria’s community hospitals and the implications for in-patient beds.

Rory Stewart said: “I have pushed consistently for the retention of beds in our community hospitals. I have also pushed consistently for the regime to engage with our Leagues of Friends and the excellent proposals from Alston and Wigton in particular on how to deliver services to our rural populations. The needs of rural areas are unique and require unique solutions. The community hospitals are at the heart of our communities and are justly loved for the wonderful service they provide. I will continue to fight for them tooth and nail.”

“This was an encouraging conversation – the Regime has been listening and they seem sincere in wanting to find a good solution which vitally combines social and palliative care provision with the medical provision. But as always the devil is in the detail, and there are many players including the County Council who will have to support these reforms if we are to keep beds in places like Alston. So I will continue to be closely engaged and fight hard for these precious assets.”

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