Rory Stewart MP and Flood Envoy for Cumbria and Lancashire, has been engaging with local businesses to discuss how flood recovery and resiliences measures are being implemented locally, and strengthening the business community ahead of any future flooding events.

Rory visited Granny Dowbekin’s Tearoom and Garden at Pooley Bridge in his constituency to chat with proprietor Colin Hindle about the installation of a groundwater pump. The system was funded with a £5,000 grant from the government’s £5m flood recovery fund and installed by local Hackthorpe-based business Cumbria Pumps, and comprises a network of underground pipes to pump floodwater away from the premises – radically improving the business’s ability to withstand future flooding events.

Colin Hindle thanked Rory for his support throughout and following the devastating Storm Desmond, during which the tearoom suffered extensive damage. He said:

“The government fund has really helped us to make immediate improvements to our flood resilience measures, ensuring that we have a long-term plan for any future flooding. Rory’s support has been brilliant, and we encourage any other local businesses in a similar position to take advantage of the funding available to support us.”

Rory said: “Granny Dowbekin’s, and indeed Pooley Bridge, is​ one of the success stories to come out of Storm Desmond, ​where effort and good communication​ have highlighted how ​businesses and small entrepreneurs can be supported to access the tools and funds available to them to get back on their feet. Storm Desmond was a truly horrific time for ​this county, but the resilience and determination to ​get going again has been inspirational. It is great to see that Granny Dowbekin’s has been able to come back stronger after the floods, and their gingerbread is delicious too!”


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