olympic ‘school games’

Rory is calling on all schools in Penrith and the Border to sign up to the School Games programme, which aims to boost the existing network of school sports to create a year-round calendar of competition for pupils of all abilities in the lead up to next year’s Olympic Games. The inaugural national finals will take place in the Olympic Park in May 2012.

Many schools in the north-west have already signed up to the programme, meaning that talented athletes from Penrith and the Border’s schools can set their sights on being amongst the first to compete in the main 2012 venues next year. Schools that have already signed up to the programme include Thomlinson Junior School in Wigton, Warcop CoE Primary School, Lazonby CoE School, Samuel King’s in Alston, Castle Carrock School, Kirkby Stephen Grammar School and William Howard School in Brampton.

Rory said: “We want as many schools as possible to be taking part. The Olympics are a milestone for all of Britain, and not just for London: the Games are a symbol of competition, but also – as the Prime Minister said – provide an opportunity for Britain to show the world what we can offer in terms of sport, culture and tourism. It’s really important that we all feel involved in the run up to next year’s event, which promises to be an outstanding once-in-a-lifetime moment for the UK. Please do get involved in the School Games by visiting here and the very best of luck to you all!”

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