national trust policy on hill farms

Rory has met with the National Trust’s Regional Director for the NW, John Darlington, at Temple Sowerby’s Acorn Bank to discuss the Trust’s policy on uplands hill-farming, its hopes to increase its community and youth focus, and other local initatives such as the creation of local rangers and improved access to local walking routes.

Rory said: “As owners of approximately one fifth of Cumbrian land, the National Trust have a crucial role to play in the preservation of our uplands farms, and our communities. They should have a place at every table discussing issues around land ownership, land management, and community involvement, and I am pleased to hear that they have plans to become more community focussed. There are some very exciting initiatives on which I would love to work with the Trust, from improving conditions for hill farmers, to involving young people via schemes such as National Citizens Service. It was an extremely positive meeting and I look forward to working closely with John and his team.”

The local MP was also shown Acorn Bank’s gardens and met with staff at the house’s shop, nursery and tea room. He then returned on a second visit with the Chairman of the National Trust, Simon Jenkins, to celebrate the Acorn Bank Mill.


Rory with John Darlington, NW Regional Director of the National Trust, with staff at Acorn Bank

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