It is manifestly unfair that a widow on a pension  in a remote rural area, who uses the car, say, for 1000 miles a year (perhaps just on a weekly trip to a supermarket) has to pay the same as a rich person who drives 50,000 miles a year.  Furthermore £225 is a big slug for the widow to pay.

For reasons of administration and control it is sensible to keep the car tax, but it should be reduced to something like £20 a year. The gap in revenue should be raised from fuel.

This also makes sense because it ends the complication of the banding of the vehicle tax. And it would take into account all the issues of engine size, petrol-efficiency, careful driving, and distance travelled. Thus it would also be much greener. It would also mean that the small minority who avoid car-tax would be paying their fair share for their use of the road.

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