local alzheimers society


Rory  met with volunteers and managers at the Alzheimers Society’s base in Penrith to discuss the charity’s vital ongoing work in the community. He met with volunteers Mike Godridge and Jean Bradshaw, local manager Rebecca Colpus, locality manager Fiona Moncur and campaigns manager Amy Martinez over tea and learned about current developments at the charity and its strategy to continue improving the lives of those suffering dementia in Cumbria. Rory learned about the charity’s registered Homecare and Day Care services, and the importance of peer group support and activities in centres such as the Brampton Community Centre, which highlights the importance of low-level intervention in a community setting.


Rory said: “We live in a time where home care is increasingly advocated, and the burden of care falls on the spouse or child of the person suffering dementia. Not only do we need to continue to invest both resources and energy into this vitally important service, but at the same time work to reducing the stigma attached to dementia. Our GPs also have a duty to advise patients on spotting early signs, and we should be spending more time looking at ways to make early diagnoses, so that the illness can be treated and controlled more effectively. The charity’s befriending service, as well as its day and home care support, is invaluable. With an ageing population in a remote area I can only hope that the charity will be able to expand its services and continue to improve even more on the work that it currently does, and it will be a pleasure to support in any way I can. In particular I’d like to help set up a website to connect the charity to local volunteers”

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