learning fields

Rory was delighted to attend the opening day of the Learning Fields outdoor education centre at Nag’s Head Farm at Hoff, where he met with directors of the community interest company, chatted with participants and was taken on a tour of the centre’s new residential facilities and outdoor areas.

Formed in 2007 as a social enterprise with five directors from the local community, Learning Fields is an organisation offering educational and environmental opportunities for people of all ages and abilities. Two of its directors, Alex and Douglas Chalmers, were on hand to explain how Learning Fields provides an interactive facility where groups or individuals can observe and enjoy the countryside in a safe environment. The setting – in ten hectares of grassland and woodland – is considered to be the perfect location for a wide range of outdoor activities, including fencing, dry-stone walling, pond and wetland management, bushcraft, coppicing and much more.

Rory said: “It’s been inspirational to see how, from relatively modest beginnings, and a real local vision, something amazing has grown into an excellent community initiative with broad appeal across all age ranges. Outdoor education and learning is so important to our way of life here in Cumbria, and places like Learning Fields show how it can be done. Alex and Douglas and their co-directors and staff have created an excellent model that I would love to see replicated across the constituency, and I wish them every success with their new residential facilities.”


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