kemplay roundabout

Rory and County Councillor Helen Fearon received an undertaking on Friday that the problems at Kemplay roundabout would be solved. The meeting was attended by representatives of both Cumbria Highways and the Highways Agency, which is responsible for the roundabout, with discussions focusing on issues of road markings, traffic signs, and the phasing of traffic signals.

Rory said: “We had a very positive and fruitful meeting today in response to the many complaints from residents and those using the roundabout regularly. We are enormously grateful to the Highways Agency for attending and for listening to the issues raised. They responded very positively, and I can confirm that we have obtained their commitment to look at improving line delineation and destination markings, and the traffic signal sequences are being re-examined also. We will watch closely in the coming weeks to see how matters improve, and I am extremely encouraged that the Highways Agency have taken the suggestions of local residents, Cumbria Highways Officers and Councillor Helen Fearon on board .  It is great that we are working together on this in an open and productive fashion.”

Councillor Helen Fearon said:  ” Prior to this meeting I received many suggestions for improvements to the roundabout from local residents who use it on a regular basis and I am delighted that these received such a positive response from the Highways Agency.  Agreement was reached on a number of potential improvements, particularly about guidance to drivers concerning their choice of traffic lanes and general routeing through the roundabout. I look forward to those improvements materialising so that drivers will find their use of Kemplay Bank less difficult and troublesome.”

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