hospice at home’s gillwilly estate

Rory visited Hospice at Home’s Gillwilly Estate base in Penrith last week, where he met with staff and Trustees of the renowned hospice charity that operates in Eden, Carlisle and Allerdale. Rory discussed the charity’s history, its current plans and its reactions to the potential impact of the recently published Palliative Care Funding Review.

The meeting, chaired by Trustee Trevor Hebdon, was also attended by Chairman Michael Pearson, Vice-Chairman Sue Nicholson, Trustees Richard Murray, Jaqui Filkins and Paul Bramley, Volunteer Co-ordinator Annie Binny, Charity Director Sheila Thompson and Clinical Services Manager Fiona Stobart. In a wide-ranging discussion about the charity’s fundraising and marketing initiatives, Rory also had the chance to ask questions about Hospice at Home’s operations and future business strategy.

Rory said: “I will do all I can to defend and protect this amazing organisation. Hospice at Home really is a model of efficiency and effectiveness, providing a level of care in the home that is – I believe – second to none. The charity can respond to most requests for help in a matter of minutes, and reached out to over 300 patients last year. It is rightly proud of the immense support it receives from the local community, both in terms of donations and donations in kind from both businesses and other charitable organisations. I’ll do all I can to ensure that Hospice at Home continues to thrive in what is a time of flux in our health services, and ensure it is held up as a model for the rest of the country.”




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