Parliamentary Expenses



My principle on expenses is to claim only for items that are directly related to my work as a constituency MP. I claim expenses under the following headings:

  • Travel (train) between the Westminster office and the constituency (standard class) (I sometimes travel first class on an advance ticket, but if the fare is greater than the full economy fare, I pay the additional cost myself.) Travel (taxi or car) between Penrith station and constituency home.
  • Travel (car) within Cumbria between constituency events
  • Holding constituency surgeries
  • Staff salaries in constituency and Westminster offices
  • Parliamentary research services for constituents’ queries
  • Office costs – including rent for office premises and associated utility bills; computer equipment; stationery; telephones and internet for office; and a proportion of my mobile phone used for work-related calls
  • A proportion of the rent and some expenses for my constituency home

Full details of all my parliamentary expenses broken down by year can be downloaded by clicking on the links below:

Alternatively, a more reader friendly version of these same details can be found on the IPSA website, by clicking here.

Should you have any queries in relation to my expenses, please contact me at [email protected]