eden fairtrade network

Rory joined the Eden Fairtrade Network outside the Bluebell Bookshop in Penrith last Saturday, where children and adults were being asked to decorate fabrics in a national challenge to break the world record for the longest piece of bunting. Rory’s colourful floral design sat alongside illustrations of fruit, jars of honey and jam, sub-Saharan farmers and many other items, including flowers and clothes, most of which can be purchased with the Fairtrade logo.

Rory said: “Penrith’s town centre is always a vibrant place to be, but it’s looking especially colourful today, with this beautiful bunting stretching alongside the Bluebell bookshop. You don’t have to be particularly talented at art to participate – as my offering proves – but the taking part is the thing, and it’s great to see so many amazing, unique designs. The ethos behind Fairtrade is in many ways an ethos shared by us here in this busy market town: support local producers, and support local people. We should be proud of our Fairtrade connections and I think the Eden network have done a wonderful job today in promoting it.”

The Penrith event coincided with the UK’s 2011 Fairtrade Fortnight campaign, promoting Fairtrade products to consumers. This year’s theme concentrates on Fairtrade cotton, which is being increasingly used by many of the UK’s larger manufacturers and retailers to support workers in the cotton-growing areas of the world, improving their living conditions by securing better purchase prices.  It is estimated that the Fairtrade label offers 7.5 million people in the developing world a more secure future.





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