Dufton                                                                                                                 Greystoke

Today, canvassing in Longtown, there were two (Chihuahuas, I think) in long coats. Last weekend, in Appleby a red Labrador and an English sheep-dog. A two thousand year old statue of a lurcher was found near Kirkby Thore, just four miles from Dufton, possibly (see below) associated with Syrian archers.

kirkby_houndKirkby Thore was the Roman Fort of Bravoniacum. And along with the hound was (according to the astonishing website a now-lost altar, saying FORTVNAE BALN N M S S G CALEDIVS FRONTINVS NOIV which could mean either:

“To The Fortune of the Baths,¹ and the Spirit of the Soldiers, in order that you take him into your protection Gaius Caledius Frontinus Noius has fulfilled his vow.”

Or:”To The Fortune of the Baths the Company of Archers from Syria (commanded by) Gaius Caledius Frontinus Noius (set this up).”

(That’s a fair amount resting on the letters M S S)

Child1 Leaping

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