cumbria’s six mps form cumbrian ‘select committee’

Cumbria’s six Members of Parliament have come together to form a committee that will focus exclusively on Cumbrian issues. The move follows a series of joint initiatives and debates over the last eighteen months, including a Westminster Hall debate on flooding, an Adjournment debate on teaching assistants, and a joint article in the Cumberland News on wind turbines.

This new committee, which Workington MP Tony Cunningham describes as “a select committee for Cumbria” held its first formal meeting last Wednesday when it met with and interviewed Richard Leafe of the Lake District National Park Association about the National Park’s challenges. The Cumbrian committee’s next meeting, in the new year, will focus on the Cumbrian economy.

Rory said: “I’m really pleased that we are all working on these issues as a cross-party Cumbrian committee. Cumbria has unique needs and challenges, and we are absolutely committed as a group to fight for the best for our county. We welcome suggestions from constituents for topics of discussion, and hope very much that we will be able to positively influence policy-making that will have a direct impact on all of our constituents.”

Tony Cunningham MP said: “There are issues which are Cumbria-wide and which do not involve ‘ politics’.  We hope to make sure that we are working together in trying to resolve some of these issues.”

Tim Farron MP said: “Working together on issues like democratising the National park, improving west coast main line services and pushing for more government funding for Cumbria that can be spent on projects like Backbarrow Ironworks means I can help deliver more investment for our community. I think that together we provide a strong voice for Cumbria.”

John Stevenson MP said: “‘I fully support the idea of Cumbrian MPs coming together to discuss Cumbrian issues and where possible, having a common view. All of the major parties are represented in Cumbria so we do cover the full spectrum of views which allows for a healthy discussion. It is in everyone’s interest for Cumbria to succeed and as MPs, it is our responsibility to assist with this.”


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