cumbrian digital heroes


Rory has nominated the East Cumbria Community Broadband Forum for the national TalkTalk Digital
Heroes awards of 2011. The annual awards are run by TalkTalk in association with Citizens Online and with the support of Martha Lane Fox’s Race Online 2012, will be given to twelve winners voted for by the public, who are “outstanding individuals using the power of the internet to implement bright ideas which bring about positive social change.” There is a top prize of £10,000, and runner-up prizes of £5,000 and free broadband access for 12 months.

Rory said: “This is a year in which we have spearheaded some incredible developments in community broadband. The nation is looking to Cumbria as the national rural pilot that will demonstrate, through incredible community enterprise, how we can bring super-fast broadband to our most remote communities. Community broadband groups right here in Penrith and the Border, such as Eden Valley Digital and Northern Fells Broadband, are leading the way in shaping government policy on rural broadband. They are some of the most passionate, energetic, and able groups that I have encountered. For this reason I am delighted to nominate their umbrella organisation, East Cumbria Community Broadband Forum, led by Libby Bateman, as a Digital Hero 2011. The Forum’s work in improving Cumbrians’ lives through better broadband is ground-breaking, and will benefit Cumbria for generations to come. Groups such as these are the real heroes of the rural broadband revolution that we are witnessing.”

More information about the TalkTalk Digital Heroes awards can be found at

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