Cumbrian Committee announces inquiry into Nuclear Repository

The All Party Committee of Cumbrian MPs announced today that they expect to be hearing evidence on the implications for nuclear repository

in Cumbria in November.

The committee consists of Rory Stewart MP, John Stephenson MP, Tim Farron MP, John Woodcock MP, Jamie Reed MP and Tony Cunningham MP.

Rory Stewart MP said: “Very large numbers of constituents have raised concerns about safety and safety is paramount. Equally the nuclear industry is the backbone of the West Cumbrian economy and so we are keen to support. We would therefore like to invite representatives from both sides of the argument and have the opportunity to hear about the geology and safety of repositories and plans for nuclear expansion.”

Tim Farron MP said: “Storing nuclear waste in our county that will remain dangerous for tens of thousands of years is a very big risk and one that Cumbrians shouldn’t take lightly.  I have been contacted by people on both sides of the debate and I am keen that we make a wise choice for the future of our county. It is vital that we listen to experts in this field on both sides of the debate to hold them to account and ensure that government makes decision on the basis of balanced evidence, using the full facts.”

Jamie Reed MP said: “As someone who has a detailed knowledge of these issues stretching over 15 years it’s essential that these issues are subject to an informed debate. As a great deal of unscientific scaremongering is likely to continue –  much of it funded from outside of Cumbria and certainly from outside Copeland – then we have a responsibility to make sure that all of the credible individuals, agencies and government departments with an interest in this issue can air their expert views. The greater the issues are understood, the more the myths are dispelled and this is clearly better for everyone. Clearly this process has no official or binding implications whatsoever, but it will usefully allow the issues to be aired. If this is done honestly, then I’m sure all Cumbrian MPs will join me in ensuring that the nuclear industry in West Cumbria will provide the growth that the Cumbrian economy badly needs.”

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