championing the local internal drainage board

Rory is encouraging all constituents affected by increased drainage problems on the Solway Plain waterways to engage in the current Environment Agency consultation on the potential for an Internal Drainage Board (IDB) on the Solway Plain. The local MP has been supportive of the Waver Wiza Wampool Waterways group’s efforts to establish an IDB in the region since his election as MP, and is delighted that the local group – led by Duncan Stuart –  has progressed its plans so significantly.

The IDB consultation page can be found at The purpose of the consultation is to gather people’s views on local pilots of the new draft national guidance document which outlines an agreed methodology for creating new IDBs. It is being undertaken on behalf of the South Cumbria Water Level Management Group and the Waver Wiza Wampool Waterways group, and aims to be an initial investigation into the feasibility of setting up an IDB in these two catchments.

Rory said: “The Environment Agency’s consultation is a great step forward. It shows that the local – and entirely community-driven – group is being listened to, and I strongly encourage all farmers, land-owners and residents on the Solway Plain to engage in this consultation and make their views known, as well as encouraging their neighbours to do the same.  Keeping this land from becoming a waterlogged bog costs farmers thousands of pounds each year that they can ill afford. We are pressing for a catchment-wide solution, and are hoping for a strong community response. Please do get involved.”

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