Dufton                                                                                                                 Greystoke Today, canvassing in Longtown, there were two (Chihuahuas, I think) in long coats. Last weekend, in Appleby a red Labrador and an English sheep-dog. A two thousand year old statue of a lurcher was found near Kirkby Thore, just four miles from Dufton, possibly (see below) associated with Syrian archers. Kirkby Thore was the […]

letter to herald on newton rigg

  I am delighted to see that all the main parties in Penrith and the Border, the Herald, and a very impressive range of non-political groups are now joined in our campaign to save Newton Rigg. This is far too important for party politics. There has never been more need for land-based education and the […]

informal gathering with supper, george hotel, penrith

Tickets are now on sale for an informal gathering – to include buffet supper – at the George Hotel , Penrith on Friday 12th March.  The evening begins at 7.30pm and will provide an excellent opportunity to meet Rory Stewart and his team. For further details please contact the Conservative Office, 31 Chiswick St, Carlisle […]

wigton, nelson thomlinson and warnell

Wigton and Warnell First shop-keeper: Where do you stay? Rory:  Near Appleby Shop-keeper: What are you doing in Wigton then? I have been staying for the last three nights near Wigton, rather than returning home and I will be travelling around Caldbeck and Warnell this coming Tuesday (16th February), before moving onto Alston. The shop-keeper […]

local voices

Parking charges (and parking provision more generally) and the building of super-markets – are explosive issues across Cumbria. There is an overwhelming demand from Penrith shop-keepers, for example, to turn the current abandoned supermarket site into free temporary parking.  Most shops are finding that trade is down.  Across Britain, from Perth to Devon, independent high […]

wigton – 13 feb and 14th jan

Saturday, 13 February – Wigton No shopper or businessman, whom I met was in favour of the parking charges in Wigton. Most shop-keepers – and I stopped in almost every shop  – felt that the charges were reducing their trade. I had talked with many of the same shop-keepers in Wigton on 14th January and […]


Article first published in the New Statesman by Rachel Cooke on 25 January 2010. I might as well come clean: I have something bordering on an obsession with Rory Stewart. Who is he, and where did he come from? Technically, I know the answers to these questions. He comes from Crieff, in Perthshire, and he […]


Article first published in The Guardian by Julian Glover on 14 January 2010. A short burst of semi-­automatic gunfire rings out from the bushes. ­Moments later, we pass a burned-out tank and a huddle of men in uniform; a gun sounds closer by and its shots echo from the fells. My walking companion, Rory Stewart, doesn’t even […]

more thoughts on my walk through penrith & the border

  January 1st. I can imagine no better way of beginning the new decade than this: walking past Askerton over a broad snow field, under a full moon. I had ended the old year with a dance at Caldbeck village hall on the 29th . I was beyond Brough on the 30th. and saw in […]

the legacy of lawrence of arabia, bbc2

On Saturday 16th January at 8pm, BBC2 are screening The Legacy of Lawrence of Arabia.  This is the first of a two-part documentary presented by Rory Stewart and directed by Iain Scollay. Explaining why he chose to become involved in the making of the documentary, Rory says:  “Lawrence was a fascinating man.  He had huge […]