Rural Mobile Service

Rural 4G Trial in ThrelkeldGood mobile coverage in our rural communities is especially important. High-quality mobile signals allow local businesses, which power our economy, to reach markets more quickly and more efficiently. They allow sparsely populated rural areas to use the farming database systems that we have recently trialled on our dairy farms in association with FarmWizard. Mobile signals can allow us to use devices to monitor our health minute to minute around our home, instead of being kept in hospital. Distance-learning can transform children’s performance in education.

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rural broadband and mobile coverage debate

Rory will open a full debate in the House of Commons on May 19th on the subject of rural broadband and mobile phone coverage. If he wins he hopes mobile coverage will be provided to an additional 2 million people around Britain and rural broadband will be significantly extended. Rory’s motion has garnered much cross-party […]