House of Commons

22-10-2013 11-08-17

Rory Speaks on the Scottish Independence Referndum

Transcript I thank you, Madam Deputy Speaker, and my colleagues for allowing me to contribute to the debate. I feel that it is very difficult for someone who represents an English constituency to speak about this subject. I want briefly to discuss three questions. First, should there be a referendum at all? Secondly, what are […]

22-10-2013 11-00-32

Rory Speaks on Community Hospitals

Transcript I feel shy speaking in front of this extremely distinguished audience. It is impressive to take part in a debate involving people with so much expertise. I was impressed by the extraordinary confidence with which my hon. Friend the Member for Bracknell (Dr Lee) said things that we would not dare say to any […]


Rory Backs Dedicated Commonwealth Channel in UK Borders Bill

Rory was one of ten signatories and sponsors for a new Private Members Bill, proposing that citizens of Australia, New Zealand, and other British “realms” should have a dedicated passport line at British airports. The Ten Minute Rule Bill, which was read out on the floor of the House by Andrew Rosindell MP, is designed […]

House of Lords

Rory Rebels Against Government Proposals for House of Lords Reform

Rory voted against the government on its proposal to abolish the House of Lords. He was one of 91 Conservative MPs who opposed plans which would have created a “senate” of politicians elected for 15 year terms without having to face re-election. This was the second largest rebellion within a party since the Second World […]

22-10-2013 11-03-25

Rory Speaks in Debate on Lords Reform

Transcript It is unfortunate that the debate has turned into an attack on the Liberal Democrats. This is a huge opportunity for reform. There has been a lot of talk about the 21st century and democracy, and there is an important democratic opportunity in the Bill that I hope the Liberal Democrats will lead us […]

22-10-2013 10-54-07

Rory Speaks on UK – Turkey Relations

Transcript One of the reasons why Turkey is such an exciting subject is that it is an exemplar not just for the whole Middle East, but for British foreign policy. Turkey is a strange place for us. We have a huge great embassy—now the consulate general—in Istanbul, and it would impress hon. Members. It is […]

22-10-2013 10-38-36

Rory’s Speech on Sustainable Communities

Transcript It is a great pleasure to serve under your chairmanship, Mr Weir, and fantastic to speak in the debate. Thank you for calling me. A common theme in our debate on sustainable communities appears to be the old Britain. I am surrounded by my hon. Friends the Members for Carmarthen West and South Pembrokeshire […]

22-10-2013 10-47-53

Rory Speaks on the Union

Transcript It seems a little dry to focus on Lords amendment 18 with reference to clause 37, but it is a central issue. It is not a dry issue at all. As my hon. Friends the Members for Carlisle (John Stevenson) and for Milton Keynes South (Iain Stewart) pointed out, this is central to two […]

22-10-2013 11-13-24

Rory Speaks on Rural Schools

Transcript I thank the hon. Member for Copeland (Mr Reed) for securing the debate and for all his leadership on Cumbria. Central to the issue is rurality and sparse population, and if he represents the constituency in England furthest from London, I represent the constituency in England with the most sparse population. We have about […]