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save penrith cinema update

  Update on the Lease Situation at the Alhambra:   I spoke to Vince Hughes, one of the directors of Graves, on Friday. He explained in some detail the financial information and the offer he had received, but on a confidential basis. I encouraged him to talk to his Board about sharing information more widely. […]

alston local shops campaign

Last weekend Rory helped launch a new Alston initiative with Sustainable Alston Moor to promote independent retail in the market town: Alston Moor SOS – Save our Shops and Services. The town’s campaign will encourage local residents to do more of their shopping in the town, which boasts restaurants, cafes, pubs, takeaways, craft and antique […]

save penrith cinema

  Please support our bid to save Penrith’s  Lonsdale Alhambra Cinema The hundreds of protesters, who I joined outside the Cinema on Saturday were amazing. There was real verve, energy and exuberance in the streets. I never thought I’d see so many people (still less end up standing between Darth Vader and Borat). I love […]


petition to charge for single use carrier bags

  Rory received a petition, on Friday 17th December, calling for the introduction of a compulsory charge on the issuing of single use carrier bags. The petition, which was prepared  by the Transition Town group; Penrith Action for Community Transition (PACT) urges Government to exercise  the power it has under section 77 (and Schedule 6) of […]

cumbria constabulary

  Praise for Cumbria Constabulary’s Budget Measures Rory  met with Chief Constable of Cumbria Constabulary, Craig Mackey, on Friday December 17th at the constabulary’s Carleton headquarters in Penrith to discuss the forthcoming reductions to the county force’s budget. Rory was very impressed by the professionalism with which Craig Mackey and the Cumbrian police have approached […]

christmas in penrith and the border

It has been a tough winter already and it is difficult not to think we are entering many years of harsh winters. Government must radically improve its response to everything from fuel poverty to the condition of our roads. The snows cancelled some of the fairs, which I was looking forward to seeing, from Bampton […]

rory’s round-up

  A number of broadband related blogs I have enjoyed reading recently:   To read Barry Forde on  the unforseen consequences of Broadband, click here   Click here to learn about the importance of Rural Broadband from Charles Paxton   To scroll through John Popham’s account of the Great Asby Big Society and Broadband days, click here    […]

cumbrian community pub model

In a two and a half hour debate in the House of Commons, Rory praised Cumbrian pubs and recommended the Cumbrian approach as a model for the country. Praising the importance of pubs in village life, Rory said “we have 280 pubs in the Eden district alone for 50,000 people-a density of pubs that is more than six […]


Christmas Card

Christmas Card from Plumpton School I am delighted to announce a Plumpton School pupil as the winning designer of my first constituency Christmas card, to be sent all over Cumbria and the UK. Six-year-old Ellie Morton was chosen as the winner of a local competition, and will enjoy a trip to London to visit the Houses […]

parish councils are granted more powers

  Greg Clark, Minister for Decentralisation, grants parish councils more powers   Bradford Trident community councillors (from left): Shahzada Meer, Taj Salam, Munawar Khan and Shah M Khokhar, with council clerk Rebecca Holmes. Photograph: Asadour Guzelian Shahzada Meer knows everyone and everyone knows him. The community councillor says: “If somebody wants me, they can pull […]