Rory Stewart MP at Eden Insulation

Rory has paid tribute to Eden Insulation following a recent visit.

Eden Insulation Ltd. is a specialist timber frame factory in Appleby-in-Westmorland, which constructs insulated, airtight products, which make buildings more energy efficient. The company custom makes frames to the exact specifications of architectural plans, using airtightness materials, which aid heat retention and have even secured coveted Passivhaus certification. Businesses and homes, in Cumbria and across the country, have commissioned frames from Eden Insulation, in recognition of their quality and effectiveness.

Mr Stewart, having heard about the company, was eager to visit in order to learn more. Stephen Gurney, the Managing Director, met Rory and guided him around their facilities, explaining Eden Insulation’s work, using models of the frames and a time lapse video of the construction of a three storey property. He then took Rory to an onsite factory, where much of the specialist work is done. The two then had a wide ranging conversation about the business and the current political climate, including a discussion on Brexit.

Leaving Eden Insulation, Rory said “This was a fantastic and fascinating visit to one of the latest Cumbrian success stories. Businesses such as Eden Insulation are testament to the skills and innovation that define the Cumbrian economy, and deserve our thanks and support. People like Stephen are the backbone of our local economy and I look forward to reading of Eden Insulation’s many successes in the years to come”.

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