Investment in Offshore wind farms and opposition to onshore wind power in Cumbria

Rory has applauded today’s announcement by the Chancellor George Osborne of an investment of £200 million for the development of offshore wind.

Mr. Osborne has also pledged funds towards manufacturing infrastructure at port sites, in a clear sign that the Coalition Government is moving away from investment in on-shore wind turbines, which was subject to a debate in Westminster Hall last week and was supported by Mr Stewart.

Rory said: “I continue to vocally support all constituents who are deeply concerned – as I myself am – at the increase of these wind turbines in our countryside. This, I believe, is an issue of national importance, and certainly in Penrith and the Border – since election – I have supported dozens of constituents on wind farm proposals that affect then, from Beck Burn in Longtown (with whom I will have a meeting on November 6th) to Sleagill and Reagill (I am in close touch with CARST and hope to attend a site visit and meeting in the near future). I have been fully briefed by Ministers on the Berrier Hill case, which sets an important precedent, and have met with and learned from many who were involved in the Berrier Hill appeal.”

Prior to last week’s Westminster Hall debate on the efficiency of on-shore wind power, Mr Stewart wrote to the Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, the Rt. Hon. Chris Huhne MP to state his position clearly.

He said: “In an email to Chris Huhne I laid down a clear marker on behalf of Penrith and the Border that our constituents are overwhelmingly opposed to onshore wind farms in our constituency, and I strongly support the community’s view on this. Wind-farm developments are not just visually inappropriate in our landscape but also – with an economy over-dependent on tourism derived from our natural landscape –  economically damaging. The investment on off-shore wind is a very welcome development for Penrith and the Border.”

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